INNOV Product

TechGeo Innov (LLDPE and HDPE) was developed based on GRI GM-13 and GM-17 guidelines in order to guarantee better chemical resistance and mechanical durability compared to a standard GRI geomembrane liner. In addition, TechGeo Innov is considered light in weight and ideally used for pisciculture reservoirs, water storages as well as landscaping projects.

As a differentiating factor due to the resins utilized in the manufacturing process of the TechGeo LLDPE, our product offers low permeability and elevated mechanical resistance. All a result of the Stress Cracking Resistance Test along with years of analysis which were performed at private certified labs.

This product is by far our most reliable and cost effective solution for your project.

Beneficial Features


TechGeo Innov HDPE Smooth

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Available thicknesses (mm)

TechGeo Innov LDPE Smooth

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Available thicknesses (mm)


We guarantee the best quality concerning our products, with high standards of national and international certification.

Selo de qualidade ISO 9001

TechGround is certified with the ABNT NBR ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which confirms the company is investing in the pursuit of quality excellence and continuous improvement.


As a guarantee to our customers of all our care in the manufacturing process, Tech Ground has obtained the GAI – LAP (Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute –Laboratory Accreditation Program) Certificate. This certification assures our customers that our laboratory has the appropriate equipment and qualification for conducting tests according to the most stringent technical parameters. We are among the 100 laboratories in the WORLD that have this certificate.