About Us


TechGround Geomembranes are composed of geosynthetic materials produced using Polyethylene (a thermoplastic polymer), a line specially developed for those looking for an effective waterproofing system combined with innovation and technology for works that are concerned about environmental impacts caused by soil, river and groundwater contamination.


Our products follow the GRI GM-13 and GM-17 recommendations. They are produced with virgin raw materials of high quality and correct additivation of carbon black, antioxidants and thermostabilizers, which guarantee greater resistance to UV rays and, consequently, greater product life and performance.


Our entire product line is tested in our own laboratory, which has the International GAI LAP certification.

Because they are non-toxic, TechGround Geomembranes are considered ideal solutions for the protection of drinking water and for the containment of industrial, agricultural and even radioactive waste. Our Geomembranes have an excellent chemical compatibility that resists the aggressions caused by these gases and liquids and also the degradation process caused by UV rays.

Thus, TechGround Geomembranes can be used in the most diverse applications, such as:

– Ponds for treating domestic and industrial effluents;
– Waterproofing and coverage of sanitary and industrial landfills;
– Containment of solid and liquid waste;
– Flow control and waste separation;
– Mining works;
– Structuring of irrigation channels;
– Waterproofing of slabs, floors, tunnels and dams;
– Aquaculture – Construction of fish and shrimp breeding tanks, among others;
– Water reservoirs and ornamental lakes;
– Hydroelectric power plants.

Get to know a little about the history of Geomembranes

In the 70’s, a search for containment solutions began, aiming to protect the environment against the negative impacts arising from the generation of residues, domestic and industrial effluents, among others. Until then, the containment of such substances was carried out by the application of compacted clay, generating the consumption of a non-renewable resource.

Then, in the 1980s, the first Geomembranes were developed and produced. Their introduction to the Brazilian national market took place in the 1990s. With the development of environmental awareness and education, along with more stringent environmental regulation, the use Polyethylene Geomembranes has spread and today it represents more than 60% of this market.

Since Geomembranes use increased greatly, an initiative of EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency) together with Drexel University, developed studies with the objective of identifying the ideal minimum properties for Polyethylene Geomembranes. These studies gave rise to the GRI GM-13 (1997) and GRI GM-17 (2000) Recommendations, which are now internationally recognized.


We have one of the 100 laboratories in the world with the GAI-LAP Certificate, an international guarantee that proves that we are prepared to follow the most rigorous tests with established technical parameters, providing reliable results.


Quality control during manufacturing is a decisive factor in choosing the best geomembrane for your work. That is why our laboratory is equipped with and relies on a specialized team to carry out all the necessary tests, following the GRI GM-13 and GM-17 recommendations, which are worldwide reference and define the minimum quality requirements, and are issued by the GSI (Geosynthetic Institute).


The TECHGROUND Geomembranes are produced with high quality virgin resins and stabilized with the most modern additives on the market, thus providing excellent mechanical resistance and allowing for excellent chemical compatibility.


This process allows for a balanced molecular orientation, providing balance between its mechanical parameters in any requested direction. Its special formulation guarantees high mechanical resistance and high flexibility, proven by tests carried out in independent laboratories with worldwide recognition.


We guarantee the best quality concerning our products, with high standards of national and international certification.

Selo de qualidade ISO 9001

TechGround is certified with the ABNT NBR ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which confirms the company is investing in the pursuit of quality excellence and continuous improvement.


As a guarantee to our customers of all our care in the manufacturing process, Tech Ground has obtained the GAI – LAP (Geosynthetic Accreditation Institute –Laboratory Accreditation Program) Certificate. This certification assures our customers that our laboratory has the appropriate equipment and qualification for conducting tests according to the most stringent technical parameters. We are among the 100 laboratories in the WORLD that have this certificate.